You finally found this big head!

Dear You, I am Tobiloba Adeola.

I’m known for always writing, either for work or pleasure. But, publishing when the wind blows the urge is a thing I’m working on. My posts are commended as incredible, witty, impactful and I’ve also heard “just there.” For the record, this is me doing what I love. Also, someone has to do the job of reminding boredom and depression that you’re not their victim. That’s where I come in. I’m evolving and I’m thankful you can be a part of that journey whenever and wherever. Silver lining, let’s not forget that I don’t still have a white teeth yet I shine these charmer.

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Hello again, T for Tobi right here playing detective peppermint. Ladies and gentlemen, if your hands are not too busy, with a standing ovation, I BRING ME

To all the conversations that cannot exist in the comment section, speak to me, I’m ready for you. No P. A!

Welcome to this small city of experiences